Prometheus at the Science Week

Science is essential for the evolution of the humanity. This is the reason why science community should encourage kids, teenagers and adults to explore the magic world of science. The Week of Science (November 7-12, 2016) is an event that offers the opportunity to get a closer look at the work that scientists do. We invited the students of several schools of Granada to join our journeys inside giant crystal caves in Mexico, camp in the deserts and oases of Oman, visit the spectacular colorful geysers in Ethiopia and survive along with Masai warriors in the savanna of Kenya. Our lab doors were wide open and live experiments were also part of the exhibition. It was our pleasure to share our research, motivations and efforts with the public and allowed society to know the latest advances in science and how exciting the life of a scientist can be. We screened the movie “The Mystery of the Giant Crystals”, performed experiments, guided visits to our laboratories and to the exhibition “Crystals: A world to discover” which is displayed in our facilities.

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