Teaching High School students at Limuru

During the first trip to the Rift Valley of the Prometheus Project, I asked my Kenyan contact Patricia Gitari to seek for the possibility to organize an event to transfer high school teachers in Kenya my experience in popularization and teaching of crystallography. She did a great work, and she organized in Limuru, a town near Nairobi, an exceptional event. She was able to attract more than 150 students and teachers from different schools of this town, representatives of the Education system at a various political level also join us, and even one of the member of the national parliament (an engineer) attended the event. We were talking about crystals, crystallography, and crystallization for three hours. I wonder with the quality of the many questions made by the students, in the range of 14 to 16 years old. Osteoporosis, teeth growth, allotropes and polymorphs, graphite versus diamond, giant crystals formation, crystals in plants, drug chemistry, etc… I also explained how we organize the crystallization contest in Spain and how ADP crystals grow. The children asked me for books. I told them that they can look at internet but they reply that they are not old enough to have mobile phone and they have not internet at the School. I realized then that I should write a little and cheap book on crystals. I believe that thanks to Patricia, the seed of teaching crystallography in the school already took root in Kenya. I did slip that night after the event of Limuru very well.

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