Our annual ERC Advanced Project PROMETHEUS meeting has been held from the 18th to the 21st of June 2018 at the facilities of Hotel Martin Alonso Pinzon in Mazagón (Huelva), close to the extremely acidic landscapes of the mines of Rio Tinto.

We have organised the meeting jointly with ERC Consolidator project ‘TRACES’ led by Dr. Mark van Zuilen, from the Institut du Physique du Globe in Paris. We shared four intense and fruitful days of discussions with many scientific interests in common, especially those related to the problems of life detection and the geochemical scenario in early Earth. The meeting included one day devoted to the trip to the highly acidic mines of Rio Tinto and three days of conferences given by members of both projects and some prominent invited experts.

List of attendees: Juan Manuel García Ruiz, Mark Van Zuilen, Alfonso García Caballero, Fermín Otálora Muñoz, Elektra Kotopoulou, Lurdes Fernández Díaz, Joaquín Criado, Matthieu Vander Donckt, Kevin Hagmann, Melese Getenet, Antonio Delgado, Julian Opel, Fernando Tornos, Marco Montalti, Ernesto di Mauro, Raffaele Saladino, Bruno Mattia Bizarri, Norberto Maschiocci, Antonella Guagliardi, Joti Rouillard, Jiang Gong, Kimberly Myers, Dylan Wilmeth, Robin Havas, Martin Homann, Stefan Lalonde, Bryan Killingsworth, Aivo Lepland.


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