Presentation of the comic ”Something in the water”

Last year the ERCcOMICS program created a series of 15 webcomics based on two ERC projects. One of them was the Prometheus Project, entitled ”Something in the water”. There are versions in English and French in pdf that can be downloaded from the website. For now we have the Spanish version in book form thanks to the editorial of Jotdown magazine. The book can be obtained here.

The first presentation was made in Granada as part of the Festival Gravity, and we did a reading, as the book was recently released. We had a great time reading / questioning three chapters of the book. The presentation took place in a beautiful place, the ”Patio de Los Perfumes”. The wonderful cast of actors, Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz as the teacher (i.e. as himself), Matilde Baron as Karem, the Kenyan chemist and Prometea, Manolis Giampouras as the Masai guide and Euclides, Joti Rouillard as Huan, the Chinese student, Paqui as Paula (i.e. as herself), Alejandra Gonzalez as Abuja, the Masai girl, Marievi Papaslioti as the Masai Professor, Luis Gonzalez as the driver and also, controlling the projection, and Angeles Hernandez, as the narrator and also, responsible for the music and the special effects. Till Lukat, the illustrator, who was in Morocco, was the only one missing, but created a beautiful photo adding the characters to the interpreters (see below). Many thanks go to Angel Fernandez from Jot Down for coming to present the newly edited book and also, to Gustavo, the organizer of Gravite Festival for inviting us. We will repeat soon for a wider audience now that we know we can theatricalize it. We will let you know with more details soon.

In the following video you can have a small taste of what was included in the presentation:

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