Field trip to Dallol (Ethiopia)

We have returned to Dallol (from 4 to 20 of February 2019) to continue our research on the origin of the Mount Dallol and the hydrothermal system that it is developing there. Our field studies so far indicate that Dallol is a salt volcano, the first to be reported. We have also studied the geology of the area and discovered at least a new volcano, a stratovolcano. We have collected numerous salt rocks with different textures and several litres of samples. We have also performed many in situ measurements and took pictures and videos of the precipitation phenomena there. We envisage at least three excellent papers from this travel. The PI of the project also delivered a lecture on Dallol for the general public in Addis Abeba and we have opened a cooperation programme between the University of Addis Abeba, the University of Bahir Dar, and the University of Granada.

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