International School of Crystallization (ISC2018)

Prometheus has supported the 6th International School of Crystallization: Drugs, Foods, Agrochemicals, Minerals, New Materials (ISC2018, under the auspices of the International Union of Crystallography through the Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials Commission and the Teaching Commission, with the support of the International Doctoral Summer School Programme of the School of Science, Technology and Engineering of the University of Granada, the Spanish Specialized Group of Crystallography and Crystal Growth (GE3C) and the Excellence Network of Crystallography and Crystallization “Factoría de Cristalización”. The event took place in the Centre of the beautiful City of Granada, an ideal place to promote close scientific and social interactions between the attendees.

ISC2018 covered five days of lectures and practical demonstrations related to the field of the crystallization of foods, drugs and agrochemical compounds.

The School gathered postgraduate/postdoctoral students as well as research scientists from industry and academia that deal routinely with crystallisation processes but seek fundamental knowledge on the crystallisation phenomena and the behaviour of crystallising solutions. Students from all over the world were invited to learn from top quality international speakers, to hear case study presentations, to watch practical hands-on demonstrations and to present their research results in the purposely dedicated poster sessions.

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