First annual meeting of Prometheus

The first annual meeting of the Prometheus project was held on 16-17 September 16-17, 2014, in IACT (Granada, Spain). Prof. Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz introduced the general aspects related to the ”Pattern formation and mineral self-organization in highly alkaline natural environments”. Other important scientists gave talks on related subjects including: The geochemistry of potential environments for the origin of life on the early Earth;  Organic compounds in serpentinization scenarios; Precipitation of calcium carbonate; Silica gardens; TBD; Serpentinization reactions; Kinetics and phase transformations of calcium-silicatehydrates.

This year we were glad to host many important collaborators, including: Mark Van Zuilen (in charge of the ERC project Traces, Nils Holms, Werner Kunz, Anna Neubeck, and Abderrazak EL ALBANI.

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