The 2015 annual meeting was held on July 15 in IACT (Granada, Spain), with attendees: Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz, Juan Morales, Cristóbal Verdugo, Alfonso García Caballero, Manolis Giampouras, Julian Opel, Francisca Espinosa, and Luis González.

During that meeting, the Ph.D student Manolis Giampouras gave a presentation on the working plan of his thesis on “Mg and Ca carbonate and hydroxide precipitation in serpentinite-hosted alkaline environments”.

Also, Luis González presented the main results of a study aimed to to be published on the UV screening of ferrous and silicate solutions for DNA protection. This study is linked to the scenario of the early earth when there was high UV radiation, thin atmosphere and highly alkaline environments.

Later, Julian Opel gave a presentation on his MSc studies on functionalise biomorphs with different organic molecules, while Juan Morales gave a presentation on the EM studies to characterise biomorphs. Finally, Cristóbal Verdugo reported on the textural studies and Prof. Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz presented an overview of the project and future experiments.


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