Beautiful day in the surroundings of Lake Natron

Today we have experienced a beautiful day in the surroundings of Lake Natron, in Tanzania on the border with Kenya. We were able to sample there because it is Masai territory and with our guide Lucas Sozoika we didn’t need a passport. Lucas knows the terrain like the back of his hand because, among other things, he brings from Magadi the chlorine tablets that allow them to make the water of the Ewaso Ngi’ro River…

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Marshland of Orgarua

When the river Ewaso Ng’iro (Brown River) overflows, it creates a marshland in this idyllic place called Orgarua. The mountain on the left is the Shompole. Behind it, Tanzania. Cuando el rio Ewaso Ng'iro (Río Marrón) se desborda crea una marisma en este idílico lugar llamado Orgarua. La montaña a la izquierda es el Shompole. Detras de ella Tanzania. Posted by Explaining Prometheus-ERC on Sunday, March 25, 2018    

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Ephemeral currents

Unlike Lake Natron, Lake Magadi has neither affluents nor effluents. There is no water current coming in or out. It rains a few hours a year. To catch one of those days when ephemeral currents are formed was a gift. Primer muestreo en Magadi: El Arroyo seco. A diferencia del lago Natron, el lago Magadi no tiene ni afluentes ni efluentes. Aqui no llega ni sale ninguna corriente de agua. Llueve escasas horas al año….

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